(Non-)Urgent Patient Transport

Urgent – 112 Badge

This is an extensive training course designed as an extension to the Non-Urgent Patient Transport or a First Aid course.

The course comprises 127 course hours of practical and theoretical lessons, and is followed by 40 hours of supervised work experience once the trainee has passed the examination. After the positive evaluation of the work experience period the first responder is awarded the 112 Badge and he or she may be used for Emergency Medical Assistance.

In the Province of Antwerp these courses are organized on the Vesta Campus, which is the provincial training centre.

The 112 Badge is valid for five years. During this period the holder is expected to attend a further 120 hours of permanent training. This is followed by another examination. The badge is extended for another five years upon passing the examinations.


The Non-Urgent Invalid Transport course is a basic course for persons who want to work as a help provider in the non-urgent transport of invalids. All Ambuce employees who are used for the non-urgent transport of invalids are required to obtain the Non-Urgent Invalid Transport certificate.

This is a 60 hour course and ends with a theoretical and practical examination.

The course is also the ideal preparation for the EMA (Emergency Medical Assistance) course, which all persons working in the 112 service must have attended.