Emergency Ambulance Transport

Ambuce is the market leader for 112 transport (emergency services transport) and other emergency transport such as private transport, urgent neo-natal transport, and other forms of urgent specialized medical transport. Our vehicles are primarily concentrated in the Province of Antwerp, but we are also active in the Brussels Capital region as well as in the Provinces of East Flanders, Flemish Brabant and Limburg.

We provide round the clock Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) from bases in hospitals and our private ambulance stations. Our crews always consist of two qualified ambulance personnel who are holders of the 112 EMA badge.

In the event of an emergency our ambulances set off immediately to the scene. Our casualty workers treat the patient with the greatest of care and then bring him or her to the closest suitable hospital recognized by the 112 service for further care. Should, however, the victim be in a critical condition our crews will request the assistance of the MUG (Mobile Emergency Group). The MUG team comprises a doctor and a nurse.

Emergency Medical Help is coordinated by the 112 Help Centre (HC112 – known popularly as the “100”). This centre is subject to the control of the Ministry of Health and receives the incoming calls and decides which ambulance to send.

If you want to avoid the obligation of being “taken to the closest hospital” and if your medical state so allows you can ring directly to the central dispatching number 078/05.44.44. You will then have a free choice.