Training Courses

We have a wide choice of online learning modules!

In order to share our years of expertise as the Belgian market leader for urgent and non-urgent patient transport, we have established our own training center. Every year, we provide 500+ training courses to individuals, companies, associations, schools and universities. A few years ago, ART* opted for ‘blended learning’, a mixture of online lesson content, live online lessons and contact teaching.Originally, we saw the following advantages in this form of training: no travel so efficient in time, flexible because the online lesson content is accessible 24/7 and modules we can offer tailored to the demand. Given the current pandemic, we can add “Coronaproof” to the list.

Our instructors include nurses, ambulance drivers DGH (with a minimum of 3 years experience), officers in the fire department and also certified physiotherapists. We consider the fact that they can build on their own practical experience an important added value to the quality of the training courses.

Because you have to comply with specific rules during this time we are happy to customize the government-mandated courses from our offer. The format is also negotiable, as described above. Feel free to email us with your questions on