When you travel abroad, you generally do not think that you might suddenly have to return home. Accidents happen when you least expect them;

As a result many emergency assistance firms offer their customers travel insurance that allows for repatriation as well.

Repatriation may take various forms. The way in which it is arranged is determined in consultations between the physician in the foreign country, the medical assistance service and our International Service.

This service is also available to uninsured patients. We then attend to all the medical as well as the logistical aspects: bed-to–bed transport in every possible way.

By Road

  • In a stretcher taxi or “VSL” (light medical vehicle): this method is suitable for patients who do not require medical care during the journey.
  • By ambulance: this method is provided for patients who are immobile and/or require medical care.
  • In a specially equipped ambulance: a nurse and a doctor are present during the journey so that extra (intensive) care can be administered during the journey.

By Air

  • By scheduled flight: the patient is mobile and can travel sitting up. If necessary a nurse or doctor can accompany the patient.
  • By ambulance flight: this method is suitable when the patient is in a critical condition. The patient is accompanied by a nurse or a physician in a specially equipped aircraft.
  • For mass evacuations (for example during the skiing season) larger aircraft are chartered in order to transport patients in groups. Here too Ambuce is ready with 30 to 40 vehicles to take the patients to their destinations, accompanied by a medical carer or otherwise.

Persons with reduced mobility (PRM)

Travelling with reduced mobility is often a difficult task. ART* provides PRM agents at Brussels Airport to provide assistance to travellers with reduced mobility.

This includes wheelchair users, passengers who have difficulty communicating, people with a visual/auditive disability, and others.

Our skilled PRM agents ensure that every person can enjoy the airport in a safe and pleasant way, regardless of their additional needs.

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