Non-urgent medical transport

Every year we carry more than 200,000 patients to destinations in Flanders, the Brussels Capital region and part of the Walloon region.

All transport is coordinated from 4 regional dispatching centres. These are Antwerp (Wijnegem), Brussels (Ukkel), Limburg (Zutendaal), East and West Flanders (Tielt). During the weekend and at night all transport is managed from our headquarters in Wijnegem. The phone is answered by a trained telephone operator in each our dispatching centres. These operators centralize the orders and share them out among the various ambulance stations.

Our vehicles are managed on a continuous and dynamic basis.

The vehicles depart every morning from the various ambulance stations, which are centrally located in the areas they serve.

The ambulance crews receive their orders via “through books”. These are portable computers installed in the ambulances and patient taxis. The data traffic between the vehicles and the dispatch centre goes via the internet.

Our personnel is trained internally. Each employee is required to follow a Non-urgent Patient Transport course. This is a 60 hour course and finishes with theoretical and practical examinations. Apart from the necessary medical training, special attention is given to the practice of comfortable, defensive driving during the course.

The care of our fleet of vehicles is in the hands of a fleet manager. All our vehicles comply with the NBN EN 1789:2000 and NBN EN 1865:2000 standards.

Tarrifs 2023 Brussels

Valid from January 2023

WheelchairForfait10km€ 72,00
Extra km€ 3,31
Seating transportForfait10km€ 44,76
Extra km> 10km€ 4,34
Extra km> 25km€ 2,23

Kilometer calculation per trip: loaded x 2

GGC Brussels approval number 30.02.03