Parents and Childcare

Just imagine, your child or a child in your care swallows a piece of a toy and starts to choke or falls down the stairs. Accidents do happen and often have grave consequences.

Ambuce Academy organizes First Aid courses specially designed for parents. During the three hour course you learn how to provide the most suitable First Aid. Take quick action to stop a situation getting worse!

This course concentrates on all those minor accidents that can happen round the house, in the garden and the kitchen. Reanimation techniques are not taught during this course. They are the subject of the course “Life-saving for infants and children from 0-12 years”.

We can also organize courses on your premises. Please contact us for further details.

Courses on our premises:

  • Course times: 19:30 – 22:30 hours.
  • Price: 39 euros per person.
  • Our courses are organized for groups of at least six persons up to a maximum of 16 persons.
  • In Dutch! please contact us for the schedule of the english version.