About Ambuce

Ambuce is an ambulance service provider that organizes emergency and non-urgent patient transport, preventive assistance, repatriation and training courses in all of Belgium.

Meeting the needs of patients requires careful planning. With its advanced fleet of vehicles Ambuce® is able to provide a maximum of safety and comfort.


112 Service

  • Kapellen
  • Hoboken
  • Borgerhout
  • AZ Jan Palfijn
  • AZ Middelheim
  • AZ Stuivenberg
  • GZA Sint-Vincentius
  • AZ Monica
  • UZ Antwerpen
  • AZ St Maarten Duffel
  • AZ St Maarten Mechelen
  • AZ Nikolaas
  • Peer
  • AZ Diest
  • Wijnegem
  • Antwerpen Zuid

  • AZ KLINA Brasschaat

  • Liedekerke

GP Services Centre

  • Antwerpen-Noord
  • N16
  • Antwerpen-Zuid
  • La Louvière
  • Waasland
  • Heist Op Den Berg
  • Genk
  • Lier
  • Hasselt
  • Buizingen
  • Bilzen
  • Brugge


Since 2003 Ambuce’s head office has been at Bijkhoevelaan 8 in Wijnegem. The entire organization is coordinated from this address.
The various departments are:

  • Sales, Assistance & Training
  • Dispatching
  • International
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts
  • Management

Bijkhoevelaan 8B,
2110 Wijnegem


TRI-AC is the result of the merging four ambulance operators who combined their individual operations in 2002.
TRI-AC stands for:

  • Tielt
  • Roeselare
  • Izegem
  • Ambulance Centre

It has been part of Ambuce since 2007.

Markt 18 bus 4,
8700 Tielt


The dispatching services for our operations in the Province of Limburg are provided in this centre during normal office hours. At other times the dispatching takes place in our Wijnegem headquarters.

Zevenputtenstraat 10, 3690 Zutendaal


This centre provides dispatching services for the primarily French-speaking regions of Brussels Capital and Wallonia during daytime hours. At other times the dispatching takes place in our Wijnegem headquarters.

Brusselstraat 400b,
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

Leadership team

Jan Christiaen
Jan ChristiaenCEO
Peter Annemans
Peter AnnemansCIO


1975Establishment of Ambuce and our first independent emergency response centre at Wijnegem
1976Cooperation agreement with O.L.Vr. Middelares Hospital in Deurne for an emergency response centre, emergency and non-urgent transport
1978Second independent emergency response centre at Wilrijk (later Hoboken).
1979Third independent emergency response centre at Borgerhout
1989Cooperation agreement with University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) for national transport.
1992Extension of the agreement with University Hospital Antwerp for an emergency response centre, emergency and non-urgent transport. Cooperation agreement with the city-centre St. Elizabeth Hospital in Antwerp for an emergency response department.
Cooperation agreement with two hospitals in Mechelen for an emergency response service, emergency and non-urgent transport.
1993As a result of the good cooperation with the St. Elizabeth Hospital, we agreed identical contracts with Jan Palfijn Hospital in Merksem and Stuivenberg General Hospital in Antwerp.
This agreement was then extended to include primary, secondary and post-mortem transport services for Antwerp’s public centre for social services.
1996Cooperation agreement with the St. Augustinus and St. Camillus hospitals.
1998Exclusive contract for emergency and non-urgent patient transport for the entire district of Antwerp with the Socialist Health Insurance Funds, representing roughly 50,000 orders a year.
2000Cooperation agreement with the St. Jan Hospital for East Limburg in Genk for the organization of an integrated patient transport service.
2001– Establishment of an emergency response centre in Kapellen
– Acquisition of the emergency response centre in Middelheim General Hospital
– Addition of non-urgent patient transport for Middelheim and Hoge Beuken
– Establishment of an emergency response centre in Duffel
2002De Voorzorg Antwerpen awards us the contract for all their non-urgent patient transport amounting to roughly 85,000 trips a year.
2003We move to Bijkhoevelaan 8 in Wijnegem. Ceremonial opening attended by Governor Paulus of the Province of Antwerp.
2004The town of Mechelen awards us with all its emergency patient transport.
2006We become part of the Falck Group.
2007Cooperation with Falck Triac. This means that both East and West Flanders are now accessible to our services.
2008Our services are became available in the Province of Brabant. The “Europa Ziekenhuizen” group is the first hospital group to choose for us. We cater not only to all their patient transport needs but also attend to the logistics of the MUG (Medical Emergency Group). Other hospital organizations contract with us including “Chirec”, “VUB”, etc.
2009The Falck Academy is launched.
2010Start with the transport for our first GP services centre.
2011Falck becomes the majority shareholder and acquires control over the management.
07-2014The group backing Jan Christiaen reacquires a majority interest.
201590 new vehicles are added to our fleet.
2018Start of 112 urgent care unit Liedekerke
Start of long term contracts with Bobbejaanland and Circuit Spa-Francorchamps
2019September: New vehicles for the 112 department

November: The group backing Jan Christiaen acquires all shares.

2020The legal name of Falck Benelux NV changes to Ambuce Rescue Team NV. The brand and VAT number stay the same.